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Content Strategy: What to Post on Social Media

Deciding what content to post on social media can be daunting. What will get the most engagement? The answer is that it depends on your goals. Here is a breakdown of different types of content and which goal they are best for.

  • Tips and Education: People are always looking for tips, whether it’s tips on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs or tips on how to start a business. If your goal is to get more likes, focus on tips and education because people are more likely to like something if it’s helpful.

  • Controversy, Opinions, Questions: Controversial topics, opinions, and questions get people talking. If you want more comments, focus on content that will elicit a reaction. Just be sure you can back up your claims with facts!

  • Trends: Everyone wants to be in the know and ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for more views, post content that is timely and relevant. This could be anything from current events to pop culture references.

  • Relatable, Transparent, Engaging, and Educational: If you want more followers, talk about topics that are relatable, transparent, engaging, and educational. People want to follow someone they can trust who is knowledgeable about the subject.

  • News, hacks, in-demand instruction, and recommendations: People love to share things that are newsworthy, insightful, in-demand, or just plain helpful. If you want more shares, be sure to cover these bases in your content strategy.

  • Lastly, if you want more favorites (the little heart icon on most social media platforms), focus on content with instructions, quotes, need-to-know, hacks, and recommendations because people will favorite something if they think they might need it later or if they find it particularly helpful.

Now that you know what kind of content performs well for each social media goal, you can start planning your content strategy accordingly. Need-to-know remember that not every piece of content needs to perform well in every metric—just choose the metric that’s most important to your business goals and run with it!


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