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Secret Interview Hack: Mastering the A, B, C Technique

Will Armstrong *

Armstrong Public Relations *

For many of my clients, interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, especially when you know you are going to get asked questions you don’t necessarily want to answer completely. One way I suggest my clients prepare for an interview is by practicing an effective communication technique that many of us in Public Relations teaches. The A, B, C Technique has been widely used in politics and media relations to steer the conversation back to the interviewee's key message. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of the A, B, C Technique and how to use it effectively in an interview.

The A Step: Answering the Question

The first step of the A, B, C technique is to “A” answer the question succinctly while keeping the response on point. It is crucial, to be honest, and forthright while also engaging the interviewer with your response. Be mindful not to overshare, and steer your responses with the intent of staying on topic. This step is crucial as it sets the context for the rest of your response.

The B Step: Bridging to a More Favorable Topic

The “B” step is all about bridging your response to a more favorable topic. It redirects the conversation in a manner that is desirable for the interviewee. This is extremely important as it assists you to control the conversation in a way that highlights your key talking points. For example, if you are asked about something embarrassing and uncomfortable, you can acknowledge your challenge, then pivot towards a conversation about how you are actively working to improve.

The C Step: Communicating the Message

The final step of the A, B, C Technique is to communicate your intended message effectively. This is where you must tie your answer and bridge back to your goal for participating in this interview in the first place. It is important to emphasize your strategic messaging at this time to ensure your interviewer understands what you are trying to convey. Remember to be both precise and confident in your responses to close your gaps in communication and achieve your goals.

Tone of Voice: Powerful, Supportive, Wise

Using the right tone of voice in an interview is essential. Be sure to maintain a powerful, supportive, and wise tone throughout the interview. This demonstrates professionalism, confidence, and a passionate interest in the information you are sharing. Pairing an intellectual conversational tone will positively enhance the effectiveness of the A, B, C Technique.

The A, B, C Technique may seem simple in theory, but mastering it requires practice and preparation. The technique allows you to steer the conversation toward your prepared talking points while ensuring your communication is clear and concise. With this technique, you can confidently navigate and rise above any challenges you might encounter in an interview. By using this technique, you demonstrate not only your communication skills but also your ability to think strategically and effectively communicate with others. So, the next time you are interviewed, do not forget to make use of this invaluable technique and get your message across.


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